We are a team of passionate gamers and game developers from Singapore.
Our vision is to create games with innovative mechanics that have entertainment at their core but also go beyond it by positively enriching and impacting lives.

The Team

Kelvin Koh
Kelvin KohEvangelist Duck
Hello… Yes…Hi….Whats up! The Evangelist Duck is normally seen stalking the industry and loud-haling about Delta Duck Studios. Being the master connector and motivator, he forges relationships with external stakeholders and leads the internal team of talented ducks.
Wong Hong Wei
Wong Hong WeiTech Duck
Code… Code… Code… All day long. The Tech Duck survives on coffee and coding, marrying the two on a daily basis to bring virtual fun to life. He loves retro, but he’s also always up-to-date with the latest games… hmm…
Howard Goh
Howard GohCreative Duck
Design…. Draw…. Drool… Multi talented with a multitude of interests and skills ranging from design to art to programming, this Creative Duck can definitely multitask to get things done. In his free time, he digs everything Japanese, from mangas to kyudo and of course, Japanese food (who doesn’t love it).
Sandra Chan
Sandra ChanDesign Duck
Gahhhhh…. Demure looking but not coy, Design Duck is an astute designer, designing with passion and strong discernment. Legend has it that she was once an active wushu practitioner. Now you know, don’t mess with her!
Cathy Seah
Cathy SeahArt Duck
Boing Boing Boing… Draw… Boing Boing… The Art Duck sketches and paints over her dandy Wacom. Like an owl in the night, she draws best at the darkest hour to create the masterful pieces that will get to see the light of day.

Our Mission

We aim to create enjoyable digital games that can positively impact people’s lives in the following ways:

  • To entertain people through innovative and fun gameplay
  • To enlighten people to have a better understanding of the world
  • To excite people to thirst for new knowledge
  • To empower people to learn or improve their life skills
  • To engage people in productive self development

Our Values

Create Fun For All

Entertainment is our core, bringing fun to more.

You will hear us scream and shout when we brainstorm or prototype, but that’s just cause we are playing to create something fun for all.

Don’t call security!

Embrace Creativity

Driving our creativity is the team with a mishmash of skills and fetishes (interests).

We spend countless of hours playing games that we love and get inspired but also indulge in other strange hobbies.

Some say our artist can voice act while our demure designer kicks ass with her Wu Shu. We even have an in house aspiring poet.

It gets crazy sometimes, but the best ideas seem to sprout from all these diversity and madness.

Drive Change

Games beyond entertainment, games that are meaningful and fun.

We want to entertain but also be cat(meow)alysts for change.

Yes, we are going for the bigger goal, to make your life better through our games. You deserve only the best, to become the best. While at it, why not play games and have some fun?