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14 May, 2015



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Have fun learning the basics of Chinese character writing! Embark on a quest with Master Ji and hone CHIRO word skills by writing and transforming basic characters into powerful attacks against your opponents to defeat a horde of villains on Mount Hollow. Learn to write 71 different characters, and put your skills to the test in 43 exciting battles over 8 different settings! Developed in collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education and based on the 2015 Primary 1 School Syllabus word list of Ministry of Education, Singapore, this game enables your child to learn the stroke order and proper structure of Chinese characters whilst having fun. With guided Hanyu Pinyin and audio playback, the game also hones your child's pronunciation of each character.


  • Three different stages of game-based learning: Learning, Training and Battle. Learn to write, recognise and pronounce Chinese characters in the Learning stage before advancing to the Training stage to practise character writing. Finally, put your skills to the test in the Battle stage and engage in self-assessment.
  • Fun and engaging gameplay: Earn coins in the Battle stage to equip avatars with powerful weapons and perform a variety of critical attacks to defeat opponents. Sharpen writing skills through a novel write-to-battle mechanic which also helps to spark your child's interest in Chinese.


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We are a team of passionate gamers and developers from sunny Singapore. We have a vision to create games that have entertainment at their core but also go beyond it, benefitting the world and positively impacting lives.

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